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NHS Redhills

Contract Value - £475,000.00

Location – Exeter

Client – Devon Partnership Trust

Project Name – Redhills Remodelling

Project Manager – Mr M. Puddicombe

In 2019 a project at Redhills in Exeter was undertaken, for the Devon Partnership Trust. The works, on a Grade 2 listed property, consisted of two important requirements. Firstly, to make it ready to offer accommodation for NHS Staff who needed to shield, (if the need arose), during the COVID-19 crisis. The second, was to also be able to seamlessly shift to another important role, providing a safe, secure location for vulnerable patients.


There was a fair amount of internal and external building works to be considered, then completed, to deliver the job on time due to the pandemic's potential escalation. Charteroak (South West) Limited did this and all was successfully completed in just 7 weeks! As you can see from the photographs, there had been a fair amount to do and turn it around.


The work required, ranged from replacing the existing sign, or overhauling the roof, replacing and repairing all required. Through to replacing and updating doors, shower areas, kitchen and bedroom locations up to current regulations, as well as making sure they provided safe and friendly places to work and take refuge in.


Due to the tight schedules and working to strict budgets that became available due to the global crisis, we were very proud to be involved in such a project and one that had vision for future use.

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