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Kings Wharf

Contract Value - £50,000.00

Location – Exeter

Client – Kirkham Board Associates

Project Name – The Quay, Exeter

Project Manager – Mr P. Board

Our 2022 project at Kings Wharf located at the beautiful Exeter Quay involved working on a Grade II listed building.

These two prominent warehouses on the quay were built in 1835 following the enlargement of the canal and the construction of the canal basin in 1830 by James Green. The Warehouses' acted as the Onedin Line in the 1970's. Ten years before, the Chamber allowed the excavation of the quay cellars beneath Colleton Crescent.

One of the warehouses was used to store French onions, along with a gaggle of onion sellers and their bicycles. 'Onion Johnnies' would arrive by boat from Roscoff, carrying their loads of onions.

Charteroak were engaged to work in conjunction with Kirkham Board Associates and partnered with Hayman Joinery Limited in delivering the project to the Listed Building requirements necessary to be maintained on an historical building such as The Wharf.

The basic element was to replace 10 windows and associated parts that go with that, cills etc. eight of those windows that can open and two that are fixed, all are bespoke in design and creation. They were to be a like for like replacement but modern, safer and also have a positive impact with heat retention. The new glass is toughened and 4mm thick, the frames are weather sealed and include larger cills, to put sashes in to the frames with 2 fasteners per opening. Also cover fillets for every window on the interior faces and finish off with new paint. Another requirement of the work was a new tenant was moving in to the third floor and so a refurbishment was needed. So, dilapidation work was set in motion here as in removing all the old office layout, such as stud walls, radiators, carpets, ceilings, doors floor coverings, communication infrastructure etc. make good with new paint work, internal doors, floor coverings, clean down exposed roof timbers, etc. and installing new items as requested.

The expected timeline was 12 weeks in total. In the initial phase Charteroak had to make site visits to ascertain the requirements and seek out suppliers that could fulfil the brief due to the structure being a Grade II listed building. It meant all the historic and or architectural significance of the building needed to be protected and the final work to meet the criteria of the building listing that gives it this status.

The project completed in July 2022 and the client, along with the new tenants were extremely pleased with the final finish. It is in keeping with its historic location and meets modern requirements.

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